VHF Mission


Villages Honor Flight (VHF) mounts missions, not (just) flights; The flight is a very important part of the mission.  A mission consists of all the activities as seen by the vet and as executed behind the scenes by staff from the time the vet is contacted until the reunion.  The steps are pretty obvious; the work required is not:
  • flight date is set by management
  • reservations are made for expected flight size
  • vets are contacted
  • guardians are contacted
  • flight staff is filled out
  • vets and guardians are matched up and assigned to squads
  • vets and guardians attend first preflight meeting (6 weeks before the flight) where guardians are trained, vets and guardians meet, everyone socializes and VHF gather critical info
  • squad social occur including vet, vet's significant other, guardians and a sprinkling of staff
  • vets and guardians attend second preflight meeting (2 weeks before the flight) where final flight arrangement are discussed, shirts handed out, more socialization and VHF checks to make sure that any problems identified at PF1 are now fixed
  • actual flight
  • reunion (approx 2 months after the flight)

Date Last Updated:  20-Aug-2017

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