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What is the Villages Honor Flight Club?

The Villages Honor Flight Club, established in 2012, is a Villages social club and operates as such. It is not an official part of Villages Honor Flight, Inc., but to say that it is not critical to VHF's success is ridiculous. The VHF Club is the source for 95% of all volunteers that support VHF and the starting point for many projects.  The VHF Club is unusual in that it has been granted special permission by the Villages Recreation Center Dept. to have non-villagers as participants.  Thus, the VHF Club represents much of the broad 5-county area VHF represents.

The club meets the second Monday of the month, 12:30PM to 3:30PM at Colony Cottage Recreation Center, The Villages, Fl.  There is a room-filling turnout each meeting.  A typical meeting will consist of news, a report or two, a presentation or two, good socializing and a bit to eat.  Once a quarter, the club is the venue for the VHF Quarterly Report where management provides an update on VHF overall and any progress to not-yet-achieved goals.

The club is an ideal place to get to know VHF as you will meet people with no experience and people who have been with VHF for 5 years.  The club welcomes all newcomers.

Barb Hambright is the current president of the club.


Date Last Updated:  20-Aug-2017

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