How To


This page contains information on searching the VillagesHonorFlight site for content of interest.  Click here to see information on searching an individual web page (that is already displayed)


Searching the entire site

All pages and files on the web site are public so any search engine can be used to find information on the site.  However, very recent information (last few days) may not be found.   How search engines work is not obvious; click here for a brief explanation.  You can use any  commercial search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Bing, Chrome, Safari, Opera...) to search for content but unless you do something special, any search will examine virtually all pages on the web and you are likely to get lots of hits on other sites.  You can focus your search to specific sites in several ways:

  1. You can use the search engine configured to search only the VHF site.  This is accessible from the home page (links along left side).  This is a custom version of Google; more information can be found here

  2. If you add the site address, e.g.,, to your search criteria, you will only get hits for those pages that contain your other criteria and are either in the villageshonorflight domain or the domain address is also on the particular page.  Normally, this is a process that yields pretty good results but you will get the odd hit that is not quite what you wanted (another site referencing the ww2hc site).

  3. Another approach is to tell the search engine to search only a particular site.  Each major search engine supports that feature in a different way.

  • Google:  adding "" without the quotes to any search will return hits from just the club's web site

  • Yahoo:  Yahoo has an advanced search capability that supports searching particular sites.  Above the normal search box, click on More and then on advanced search.  In the advanced search window, fill in the normal search words and then in the Site/Domain area click the "only search in this domain" line and fill in the clubs domain:

  • Bing:  Bing has an advanced search capability similar to Yahoo.