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Each mission consists of preflight activities that prepare everyone for the flight.  Getting 80+ people ready for the flight and gathering all the relevant information is not a simple task.   Typically there are three mandatory preflight events for all flight participants on a regular (not flightless) mission;  two formal "meetings" (one 6 weeks before the flight and one 2 weeks before) and normally one informal squad event (lunch or picnic kind of thing) for the 10 members of each squad between the meetings.  The former are typically 2.5 hours long and held in the Lady Lake area.  The latter vary in length and location.  We use these events to:

  • gather data and sort out all the problems that we typically encounter (bad photo IDs, no photo ID, incorrect info, etc)

  • verify photo ID data so the flight manifest, tickets and boarding passes are correct

  • train the guardians (duties, responsibilities, wheel chair use, etc)

  • do medical screening to ensure that we understand medical and mobility issues, which vets are on O2 (so we can make arrangements for O2 in DC and have O2 concentrators for the actual flight), which vets need wheel chairs, who will be carrying diabetic materials, etc., ensure that guardians are physically up to the task, etc.

  • take pictures for flight ID badges

  • get size information for flight shirts

  • build relationships between the vet and the guardian and that �team� and the other teams in their squad

  • involve (as best we can) the vet�s significant other/family so they are comfortable that we know what we are doing and they are comfortable releasing their loved one into our care for 24 hours.

A list of preflight events for the current year can be found here


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