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Villages Honor FLight, Inc.  is a not-for-profit FL corporation and a 501c(3) charity.  It is structured and managed like a corporation with a Board of Directors that sets policy and direction and a Management Team that oversees day-to-day operations.  No one receives any financial compensation for serving on the Board or as part of management.


The Board composition as of 01-Jan-2016
Erdrich, Mark Chairman (585) 455-2853  
Dow, Jim Vice Chairman      
Grunewald, Wayne Treasurer      
Walters, Liza Secretary      
Cooksey, Barb        
Hambright, Joe VP/Opns      
Kadow, Gary VP/Admin      


The Management Team is a standing committee authorized by the By Laws.  It is led by the President and presently consists of volunteers who lead significant functions within VHF

Erdrich, Mark President (585) 455-2853  
Byrnes, Sally Veteran Coordinator      
Cooksey, Barb Marketing and Flight Opns      
Grunewald, Wayne Treasurer      
Kadow, Gary VP - Admin      
Hambright, Joe VP - Opns      
Hambright, Barb Preflight Coordinator      



Date Last Updated:  22-Apr-2016

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