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Volunteers at all levels of Villages Honor Flight involvement will periodically have an “AHA Moment” … when they discover or learn something they didn’t previously know about the who, what, where, when and why of the organization.  It may be a little known fact about why things are done a certain way, or about the history of the organization, or how events come about … almost anything imaginable.  That discovery frequently gives clarity to puzzling questions and suddenly brings things into focus.  It increases their appreciation of the VHF mission … and increases the value of their volunteerism to VHF and the veterans we serve.

There are several sources of information available on line that can help new comers learn about VHF and its mystifying vocabulary:  see Volunteer Notebook

The "I did not know that effort" is being folded into the VHF Vocabulary Project; the goal of which is an on-line refernce document (or pdf paper copy) that has as many special terms used with VHF as we can identify.  The vocabulary document is part of the Volunteer Notebook


“The only dumb question is one that isn’t asked”



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