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Many guardians request to fly again after their first mission.  Experienced guardians are an asset to any mission because they understand the basics, are more comfortable in their role and can be more effective.  Squad leaders are drawn from the waiting list of experienced guardians.

We ask that guardians interested in flying again formally request that via the "fly again application" (or FAR: Fly Again Request).  We assume that the information provided initially is still correct, so the fly again application is pretty simple.  All requirements to be a first time guardian still apply although a few are tweaked to recognize experience:

  • first come, first served:  being an experienced guardian does not, in itself, give the applicant any special priority.  You are placed at the bottom of the list and will fly after those above you.  However, we seek to balance each mission with both new and experienced guardians; the target is 40% experienced.  In some ways we maintain two lists for those who wish to fly (initially or again), a list of new guardians and a list of experience guardians.  Every mission requires some experienced guardians for specific roles (like squad leader) and those experienced guardians on the experienced list that are good candidates for specific roles -- and are interested in performing those roles -- will be pulled forward
  • no change in age limit.  See this for age limit specifics
  • mission fee is reduced from $350 to $300 for experienced guardians (new fees as of 01-Jan-2016)
  • required attendance at both preflight meetings. 
  • submitting a fly again application does not guarantee that you will fly again.  One of the duties of the squad leaders, the MXO and the flight director is to assess each guardian during the mission and make recommendations about future guardians. 

Fly Again Application (pdf file)


Date Last Updated:  29-Dec-2016

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