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Flight Arrival Schedule - 2016

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Each flight has two local "home comings", one at the airport and the official Home Coming at American Legion Post 347 in Lady Lake.   Both are driven by the arrival time of the returning flight from DC; so if the flight is late, everything is delayed.

The airport arrival is typically in the arrivals area of the Orlando airport (Southwest Airlines side); it takes about 30 minutes to unload the aircraft, visit the restrooms, and travel to the arrivals area.  The data below shows approx time the group gets to the arrivals area, NOT the ETA for the flight.

Flightless missions simulate everything that would normally occur at the airport, in DC, etc.  So the first "home coming" is simulated at the venue where the event takes place but the second is at the Legion Post 347 (just like the real thing)

MAAD missions take the flightless program to another venue, e.g., an assisted living home.

Regular or flightless or MAAD, this is an opportunity to turn out and welcome our heroes home. 





Flight Date Orlando Airport Legion Post 347 Comments
Flight Time Time
24 27-Feb-2016       Flightless Mission
25 30-Mar-2016        
26 18-May-2016        
27 23-Jun-2016       Flightless Mission
28 07-Sep-2016 SW 1232 9:00 PM 10:45 PM  
29 24-Sep-2016 SW 1945 2:15 PM 3:00 PM Flightless Mission
30 18-Oct-2016       MAAD Mission
31 02-Nov-2016 SW 936 9:50 PM 11:30 PM  


Flights and times can change.  Check back a few days before the event to verify times

Home Coming activities at Legion Post 347 start about 90 minutes before the bus arrives.  The times above are the approx times when the bus is due to arrive with our returning heros.

For information on Send Off and Home Coming, Click Here


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